Indian Investigating / Intelligence Agencies / Organisations / Organizations / Agency / Department / Body /Bodies fighting Economic & Drug Offences / Crimes (Customs, Foreign Exchange, Central Excise, Income Tax manipulations & drug / narcotics smuggling / trafficking) are functioning under Indian Union Ministry of Finance viz. Central Economic Intelligence Bureau-CEIB, Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence-DGRI or DRI, Directorate of Enforcement-ED, Directorate General of Anti Evasion!
 -DGAE and Directorate General of Income Tax Investigation

The Government of India is determined to fight all economic crimes.

For this purpose, the Government of India has set up the following Investigation Agencies which function under the Department of Revenue in Union Ministry of Finance:-

This Site aims to provide a channel of communication between these Agencies and the world at large.The visitors can use the Feedback Form on this Site to send their feedback, enquiries and comments.

In pursuance of its commitment to fight economic crimes, the Government of India has been implementing an attractive Reward Scheme for persons ( irrespective of their nationality) providing useful information to the Government of India. This Site also strives to encourage the Visitors to send useful information to the Government of India by providing an Information Submission Form on this Site. The identity of the Visitors submitting such information will be kept an absolute secret with the Government of India.

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