Indian Investigating / Intelligence Agencies / Organisations / Organizations / Agency / Department / Body /Bodies fighting Economic & Drug Offences / Crimes (Customs, Foreign Exchange, Central Excise, Income Tax manipulations & drug / narcotics smuggling / trafficking) are functioning under Indian Union Ministry of Finance viz. Central Economic Intelligence Bureau-CEIB, Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence-DGRI or DRI, Directorate of Enforcement-ED, Directorate General of Anti Evasion-DGAE and Directorate General of Income Tax Investigation

The Role of Directorate General(s) of Income Tax(Investigation)

The Directorate Generals of Income Tax Investigation deal with all matters connected with investigations under the Income Tax Act of the Central Government. Some of the more specific functions entrusted to the Directorate Generals of Income Tax Investigation include :

a)Head the investigation wing of the Income Tax Department at the Regional Level;

b)Collection of intelligence pertaining to evasion of Direct Taxes;

c)Organisesearch action to unearth black money- from time to time;

d)Disseminationof information and intelligence collected- by passing on the same to the concerned authorities including assessing authorities;

e)Keep liaison and hold meetings with other organisations in the region to ensure co-ordination and smooth flow of information;

f)Take appropriate steps to ensure that information and other persons having information about tax evaders come forward with the same to the Department. Disbursement of rewards would be one of the measures.

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